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Tesco plc, trading as Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer with headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues and the ninth-largest in the world measured by revenues. It has shops in seven countries across Asia and Europe and is the market leader of groceries in the UK, Ireland, Hungary, and Thailand.

Tesco has a non-existant customer service and sends damaged products, Susan Whorlow shared her review on reviews.io

"Absolutely rubbish and customer service is non-existent. They are taking advantage of COVID and sending out short shelf life and damaged goods. I cannot advise strongly enough to steer clear unless you want to pay top dollar to receive rubbish."


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"I worked at Tesco Cons: no cons which i have experienced"

Current Employee - Express Store Manager says

"I have been working at Tesco full-time for more than 10 years Cons: I don't know High paid pay OK staff and management low hours fight high high bugging. Hugging hobby tresc chimney Rock paper scissors I don't know why a min"

Current Employee - Customer Assistant says

"I have been working at Tesco part-time Cons: The management above store manager"

Former Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"I worked at Tesco part-time Cons: very repetitive, beware of idiots"

Current Employee - Customer Assistant Tesco says

"I have been working at Tesco part-time Cons: Don’t develop you unless it is in their favour"

Current Employee - Part-time Sales Advisor says

"I have been working at Tesco part-time Cons: Poor management Ageism very obvious"

Current Employee - Customer Assistant Tesco says

"I have been working at Tesco part-time for more than 3 years Cons: rubbishy long effort very long"

Current Employee - Customer Assistant says

"I have been working at Tesco full-time Cons: you don’t get any breaks"

Former Employee - Night Replenishment says

"I worked at Tesco full-time Cons: Horrendous Management , disgusting policies for leave/illness that penalises unforeseen events . Pay not suited to amount of work expected , bullying nature of managers , unsafe environment"

Former Employee - Customer Service Assistant says

"I worked at Tesco part-time Cons: Management are jumped up egos"

Personal Shopper (Former Employee) says

"Worked at my store for 7 months on a 10hr contract before being told that I’m being let go of, seeming with no reason. Come to find out that all temps are under review, and because I’ve just come back from a month off with sick notes, which I haven’t been paid for, they’re letting me go. I was also given the excuse of ‘the department is losing money and can’t afford to keep you here’. They let go of 2 people on my department, including me, and are now desperate for overtime Cons: Too many to list"

Warehouse Operative (Former Employee) says

"The Teesport Warehouse in Middlesbrough is similar to a labour camp and you should avoid working here. They operate a Amazon style system in terms of work."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Don't listen to employees needs of hours, only available, Flexi time not fair, management, with no understanding, always taking with no return. No help with too much work. Cons: Long hours even if you are part time"

Baker (Former Employee) says

"When I worked for Tesco I found the environment extremely hostile. At the time I needed a stable part time job so i decided to try something new and joined the Bakery team in one of their Tesco Express stores. Cons: Bad Management, Stressfull"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The workplace was terrible, with full timers putting down part timers who were only there to earn enough for college, university. The full timers were jealous of this and made life very difficult for the rest of us. Cons: Bad management, Draconian, bad hours."

Cafeteria Worker (Former Employee) says

"Who ever does the sut down is left on there own for 2 hours from 3 till 5. There is so much to do in that time and your expected to cook till 5 even though you close at 5 it is ridiculous and extremely stressful. Nothing is ever explained properly. And most of the time there is only 2 members of staff on and your constantly running around. Only get break if work 6 hours Cons: Stessful, left on own to close for 2hrs, not enough staff, no break"

Dotcom Picker (Former Employee) says

"If you want to feel like you're in high school with a bunch of dramaqueens then heres the job for you! some people that work there are good people, others just out for drama because the job's that boring"

HVAC Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible terrible terrible terrible terrible company to work for! Steer well clear. Management haven’t got a clue. Just a numbers game! Worst place I have ever worked by far. Cons: Lots"

Online Shopper (Current Employee) says

"Managers are non approachable expect you to go above and beyond for a less than average wage. Cons: Management"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Expect the world from you and give nothing back Cons: Expected to work with little notice"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"One of the worse companies I've ever had the misfortune to work for. Top dogs only interested in profit. They don't care about staff or customers. No balance between home and work Cons: Everything"

Personal shopper (Former Employee) says

"Offered 7.5 hr contract but wants u to work 8 hrs a day 7 days a week when they need you and 3.75hrs a day twice when they don't. Can't plan ur budget around it, if you have financial responsibilities 110% avoid Cons: Not enough hours, dogged work"

Customer Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Have to use 1 of your own holidays for Christmas day. Cons: Management, understaffed, under paid"

Home Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Whilst a massive company, don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s a satisfying work place......health and well being is at the bottom of their priority list!!! Cons: Not much respect for the staff by management"

Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Used to be a good job but now with everything I feel more like a criminal than an actual employee from their 'main stores'. No benefits. Paid worse than the employees of the shop we are near by the same company. We have had all our bonuses taken from us. We get no coupons no staff discount we can't even take from the waste cage at the end of the night. Culture used to be good but its now toxic and I'm mentally on the edge because of this company. They play pretend we appreciate you really when they couldn't care less. Cons: Near enough everything now"

Shelf Filler (Former Employee) says

"Claim they take people on worked for 14days straight with 2days off and was handed my notice for the hard work i had done for the past 3 weeks absolute joke the company is even caught a shoplifter while i was working for them and thats the thanks you get Cons: Use you then let you go"

Seasonal Worker (Former Employee) says

"I got a seasonal job over the Christmas period. They make you think that it could lead to a permanent job if they were happy with you. So you do all the 5am starts and work Boxing Day, New Years Eve, and generally jump through all the hoops they ask you to. Then you get told you are not being kept on, not even taken into an office or somewhere private. Checkout manager speaks to you at your checkout. You then find out that the seasonal workers kept on permanently are friends with the manager outside work. Cons: Long hours and very early starts"

Tesco Customer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Toilets, hand washing facilities and access to drinking water are miles away and is frowned upon if you need access to any of these things Cons: Treated like a robot"

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Interviewer didn't seem to have all the right tools, and didn't cover all aspects of the job spec. Cons: Not interviewed in a private area"

Team Leader (Current Employee) says

"Don’t do it to yourself it’s not worth the stress. Managers treat you like rubbish and expect you to do way much. Company is always making cuts and expects you to pick up the extra. Disgusting"

Wendy Peart says

"If I could give a zero I would . As a care worker I take this virus seriously. but yesterday walking into Tesco on chesterfield road with my daughter both with mask on from same house . Was stopped at the entrance and my daughter turned away . Ok fine she went and sat in the car. Myself thinking round the shop I would see other solo shoppers .NOT the case . Couples all over etc . I was shopping the more I went round the store saw two girls shopping together, two builders shopping , etc . Number of couples . I wanted to know why my 17 year old was turned away . Spoke to the shop lady that was now on the door a different one to be spoken back to very rude then the manager I’m guessing appearing who was just as rude to be told they can’t stop any one coming in the shop only advise . I agree with all the trying to limit customers. Only wish they had adopted it at Xmas time cause it was rammed on many occasions on the run up to Xmas . Had COVID gone over that period NO . No social distance the drink booze isle looking like a tap room one day I was in . Tesco I applaud you trying to do your bit but I’m sure every little helped over Xmas in your tills when you didn’t care how many was in your store . I will shop alone moving forward just not in your stores ."

Eaton David John says

"I was stuck in a lockdown situation in the Philippines so could not return to the UK for one year, my £ 23.50 worth of Tesco vouchers expired while I was out of the country, so I contacted Tesco by phone to explain but they didn't want to know about my lost £23.50 worth of Loyalty points, Thanks Tesco, I'll not bother shopping at your stores and collecting points from you in future, My Loyalty has cost me £23.50 Cheers Tesco,"

Caroline Saunders says

"On 13th January I went to my local Tesco in my village wearing my visor on. As soon as I walked the member of the staff shouted to me "Excuse me Where is your mask?"At this point I was taken back by this as I have never been approached before and didn't know what to say and I felt embarrassed and didn't want to make a scene in front of the customers. I explained to him quietly that I have a hidden disability and I prefer to wear a visor. He apologised and I just grabbed an item I needed, paid for it and left the store as quickly as I could. I felt so upset and cross as I have a loyal and valued customer and had been following the rules since the lockdown to wear my visor on when out shopping. I felt I was unfairly treated as it is ok to wear a visor after all. (My personal choice) I feel it is a poor customer service and it should not have happened."

Chantelle says

"This is about my local Tesco Express. I am very disappointed with the store for the following reasons: the store is very small and hard to manoeuvre a pushchair/buggy around the isles as they are very small. This is also an issue because of the current pandemic and there really is no space to social distance. There is constantly a lack of stock and the staff are constantly changing the location of products into other isles. My local Tesco express has stopped selling items such as tubs of baby milk, cat litter, branded pet food. They are overpriced, a pack of coffee pods cost £6.99 unless they are on offer whereas in other supermarkets they cost under five pounds. It is an absolute joke and to make matters worse my local store has a cracked sewer pipe under the floor so it constantly smells of raw sewage. The only thing that is good about this store is the kind and friendly staff who work hard and keep us happy. Please sort this out tesco!"

mr Shaw says

"Time slot 9 - 10 to avoid crowds as wanted to try and keep safe.Tesco super store Gillingham very dangerous for covid .Face masks not worn by some staff approaching cars very close to window we kept ours shut. 3 members of staff around customer very close. Told to go into van loading bay as 2 cars could be loaded less than 1 metre apart I refused. Staff member rude when staff told to respect social distance on 3 occasions 10 items not included in shopping threw invoice to my wife. As a pandemic sweeps on through medway TESCO should protect is customer's my family are switching to Morrisons it appears thier methods have little customer contact for pick up Tesco take note Covid kills ."

Narmina Hajiyeva says

"Ordering from Tesco for many years and doing most our shopping with them. Quality of delivery is very unpredictable. Quite often delivery is smooth, but you never know if that is going to happen. Few complaints from myself: - Some drivers may not pack products correctly (like putting freezer items with fresh fruits and vegetables or putting soap in the same bag as fridge products). - Few times after they would deliver i realised that numerous items are missing and had to spend additional time and energy to call to sort that out. - Now during covid times it is at drivers discretion whether to enter the building or not. I fully respect their right to do so, but as a result it made our today’s delivery a complete disaster and actually increased the risk to covid exposure for us and for the delivery guy. We live in a flat on a 2nd floor with the lift. The delivery guy called from downstairs and requested to come down and to pick up all the items ourselves (guess how it was inconvenient for me, a mother of a 7month old baby and a 4 year old toddler). We did still collect items from downstairs and it took us several rounds to take all items upstairs as we don’t have a huge trolley to take all at once like these guys have - so instead of meeting this delivery person once, we met him several times and spent more time with the presence of each other. He was passing items on a ground floor of our building in a narrow closed corridor with a lot of people passing by - also increased a risk of covid exposure. I still do like Tesco for the selection of nice products they are offering and would really want to stay their customer, so i hope this comment will help them to target issues and retain loyal customers."

Jay P says

"At 8.30 pm on the 14th January 2021, I purchased at the kiosk on the way into the store 40 cigarettes and 3 scratch cards to add to birthday cards. (Cigarettes for my husband). My daughter had a baby yesterday and I went to the Pharmacy for urgent medical advice. She is in a great deal of pain and on the NHS Website, the advice was to buy Epsom Salts. A young man was having a chat with the Pharmacist and said he would see him later and left. The Pharmacist went around the back and did not come back however he looked around the computer and darted back again. I knew he had seen me but he still did not come out. I waited patiently and again he looked and again darted back. Now I was very patient. I thought he must be doing something that could not wait on his computer. The next time he looked he came over to me and said "YES". (with an attitude) I said "my daughter is in a great deal of pain do you have some Epsom Salts, please? He did not even turn his body around to check, he simply turned his head slightly so he really could not see. He could of course have memorised all the items in the pharmacy. I looked past him and he said "WHAT YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME"? Quite taken aback but very calm I said "Excuse Me. Do you think I am mad at you?" He said " well I thought You were". This rude Tesco Pharmacist really thought it was acceptable to speak to me this way. I said, " I was just looking to see if you had anything else. Why would you think I would not believe you"? I asked if I would find the Epsom Salt in the store and he said " I don't know." At this point, I went to look around the store. 3 shelves from the Pharmacy. I found Epsom salt with Black pepper, eucalyptus and 1 more with other ingredients. I went back for advice from the same professional Pharmacist and asked if any of these would help with the serious medical problem. He said I don't know. I picked one and said will this one be okay? he said " yes it should be." I said won't Black pepper sting and make her problem worse and will it affect her breastfeeding. He again said " it should be okay but I don't know." I said do any of your other stores stock the Epsom salts.? He said to me which confused me "why can't you pay for it over there with the rest of your shopping???" I said " I didn't ask you can I pay for it?? I asked if any other store stocks it. He said, " NO WHY DON'T YOU GO AND SHOP AT ASDA? OR ASK A MIDWIFE? Why was he so aggressive towards me.? I went around the store I spent £88.74 plus the 40 cigarettes and the 3 lottery tickets. I placed the Tickets and cigarettes with the receipt at the bottom of the trolley. On my way out of the store, an assistant was standing offering help with sanitiser etc. I stopped and said "Could you tell me if the Pharmacist is temporary or a permanent member of staff"? He said I am not sure but the Manager is there if you wish to speak with him. I told the manager how rude and unhelpful the pharmacist was and he looked on his phone and found Epsom salts. He asked a member of staff to take care of my shopping trolley so he could take me for the medication I needed. (good customer service) I usually write to managers or head office praising the good customer service of the staff. In this case, I simply asked a professional for advice. I refuse to be treated so badly by a rude and unhelpful member of staff whose job it is to advise on medical issues. When I got home The lottery tickets and the cigarettes were not in my shopping. The only time I left my trolley was with a staff member. Does that mean they were stolen in store??? I do not know. I tried to call the store but could not get past the answering service. My real complaint is about the pharmacist I do not have his name but the manager did, he was the only pharmacist working. The manager did not ask my name or my phone number but said he would deal with the matter, Which I am afraid does not work for me. I wish to make a formal complaint. My daughter is also a key worker who had to leave her 2 children with us during 10 weeks of the first lockdown and could not both go to work and see her children, she was pregnant throughout. She has looked after everyone surely she can ask for advice from a Tesco pharmacist and expect to be treated better? In fact shouldn't all your customers be treated with respect?. This is just about the worst customer service I have ever received. It is now 3.24 am my daughter just called me. she is sobbing with the pain that I could not get help with. it is heartbreaking. I have spoken to another Manager on the 16th who said she would look at CCTV regarding the missing items. She has not acknowledged receipt of the email she asked me to send her. Corona Virus or not, there is no excuse for Rude Staff or Really Bad customer service. I only treat people with respect. What is happening Tesco. HAVE YOU REALLY TRAINED YOUR STAFF TO TELL YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS TO SHOP AT ASDA?????"

Samantha Wright says

"I was asked at the main entrance to show an exempt card about a face covering. That is fine, which i have no problems with. Although, what i do have a problem with is the attitude and discrimination i recieved off a staff member whilst getting shopping. While in an aisle a staff member asked yet again if i had a face covering on, which then made me feel a bit anxious due to already showing my exempt card. So i showed it reluctantly saying i have walked in the main entrance where a staff member is asking those who dont have a mask on if they have an exempt card. His response was that it is better to wear a lanyard basically to parade the fact i have a disability. To me, this is complete discrimination towards people that dont want to show off the fact they have something wrong with them, as for example i dont want to be considered different just because of a simple thing. This happened at my local Aberdeen, mastrick branch. After being asked about it agakn, the member of staff then proceeded to keep an eye on what i was doing like some sort of criminal."

Andrew Baron says

"Just back from my local Tesco Extra. Whilst my wife was inside following the instructions to have only 1 shopping apart from kids and carers, I counted 17 couples in half an hour. None of them challenged. That excludes the parents with elder teenagers who could clearly be left. Poor show."

Steve Leverington says

"I fully understand that we should all do as much as posible at this time, its all about good communication its a shame Tesco Extra Horsham has none. My partner and myself arived at 19:30 so as to steer clear of crowds, in fact the shop was almost empty but as we arived we we told only one person from a household allowed. Firstly there is nothing on they web site nor any infomation at the entrance. Secondly with the store almost empty so can only assume he staff have little or no common sense. So because my partner miss a few thing I had to return and so both of us still visited the shop."

Emma Jackson says

"I don't agree with only letting one person shop at a time. I'm unable to lift heavy items so cannot shop alone. Went to Handforth Dean today and was told by the member of staff at the door to shop alone next time. We then had to explain that I was unable to shop alone and she very rudely said "you need to tell us next time". So you're telling me that every time we go in a Tesco store we have to specifically find someone and explain our personal situation! It's a joke when we're following all other rules and wearing a mask and socially distancing. My personal health problems are nothing to do with your staff and it's a rule you seriously need to drop. Isn't it better that we do one large shop a month with 2 people instead of 1 person having to go several times a week."

cheryl harris says

"Tesco club card is the biggest rip off going. Majority of their cheap club card prices can be found at other supermarkets. Wake up Tesco, not everyone wants your stupid rip off club card. Will never shop there again and I'm sure I'm not on my own."

Sandra Cottrell says

"I am putting in a complaint about your personal shoppers. This was happening even before the restrictions of 2 meter distancing, they would block isles, with 2, 3 or more gathering close together, sometimes having a chat and blocking the waypast in places. This happened this morning three times in different isles, I couldn't pass them and other customers coming the other way also couldn't get by them. I don't normally complain, but I think something should be done about them. It's very frustrating with the situation we are in at the moment to keep your distance."

Marilyn says

"Having to have home delivery as myself and hubby are shielding ,very disappointed with veg last couple of time very short dates and cucumber and mushrooms was no good before use by date.I think it's wrong the vulnerable pay more for delivery,vouchers they send out for saving 10 pound on a 70pound shop you can only use in-store ,I've been using Tesco for over 30 years.My next order will be with asdas ,hope it's better ."

Devika Gokool says

"I was in Tesco on Thursday 14th of January 21 I asked a member of staff for an item I couldn’t find she was in isle 29 at Sandhurst branch she turned round & told me [I don’t know go look] & turned her back on me I couldn’t see her name , it’s not what she said it’s the way she said it & turned her back on me She is a Nepalese & this is not the first it’s happened to me in that store , it’s seems complaint by customers are not taken seriously at all, the supervisor I spoke to just said will pass it on to grocery manager & wait walk away from me I was not ask which ilse or whether I found what I was looking for I found the customer service in the Sandhurst branch really poor & really don’t want to shop there anymore."

Jill says

"Since the start of the pandemic we have been reliant on deliveries or click and collect if we can't get a delivery slot. We find what we get is very reliant on the pickers store knowledge. This week there were no sauce mixes although we ordered 6 different types. No white sliced bread and no substitute. No custard but substituted with custard tarts!"

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